Our work touches the lives of literally thousands of children and young people each year. This work is only possible with the help and support of volunteers.

If you have passion and desire to work with children or young people, and to make a positive impact upon their lives, we would love to hear from you.

There are many ways to be involved in your local school community: we aim to support anyone able and willing to commit to serving schools in some way.

Here's a brief description of various roles below. Please contact Patrick or Shelley in our office for more information on these, or if you’d like help or support to establish some other form of work in a local school.


Assembly team

What they do: Learn a few lines, and act or present a Bible story or gospel message, to a school hall of children.

Time required: A minimum one of morning/week (with availability to rehearse on Tuesdays or Thursdays).  Assemblies are delivered during one week in October, during three weeks before Christmas, three before Easter, and three in the summer.

Open The Book

What they do: Use pre-prepared materials to present a simple drama to communicate a Bible story. Woking has about 10 teams located around the town.

Time required: 1 to 2 hours/week (depending upon team/school)


What they do: Assist in leading club activities, including crafts, stories, Bible reading, puzzles and games. There are lunch time and after-school clubs in schools around the town.

Time required: Minimum 1 hour/week, depending upon involvement.


What they do: Assist in the delivery of RE mornings.  These are often organised by local churches and can be either a classroom visit or at the church premises.  In the past these have included presentations of the Easter and Christmas stories.  There is always more possibilities, so think big!

Time required: Varies.

Small group/mentoring

What they do: Assist and take part in group activities and discussion, with a view to enabling a young person to learn more about themselves, to understand situations and find ways to manage behaviour.

Time required: One hour+ per week.

Class Champion

What they do: Support a class in a local school in whatever way is possible. This may involve listening to readers, supporting learning, or accompanying the children on trips to exciting new places.

Time required: Minimum 1 hour/week